A 'Helping Hands Initiative' by Confident Group

The charity wing of Confident Group ‘helping hands’ joined hands with Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation (BCCF) to launch Prarthana Critical Care Medicines (PCCM), a unique initiative to provide high-quality medicines for the poor and needy at subsidized rates. Every home buyer who purchases a home from Confident Group will become a contributing member for this noble cause. A part of the initial home booking amount will go to the PCCM (Prarthana Critical Care Medicines) account for the functioning of the pharmacy. PCCM has been a huge help in the lives of many who have been battling critical diseases from poor families.

Giving Confidence, Giving Back to the Society

Our aim was to launch a self-sustaining pharmacy where critical care medicines will be distributed to poor people at up to 90% discounted rates. This dream took shape when we started associating with BCCF, a reputed charity organization facilitating advanced diagnosis and treatment for paediatric cancer patients from poor families.

Helping Hands

We are proud that we have been able to touch many lives through our charity wing ‘Helping Hands’. A few months back, we were looking for a practical solution to make critical care medicines accessible to poor patients. Subsequently, backed by the support of BCCF, we launched Prarthana Critical Care Medicines Unit, a pharmacy outlet providing high-quality medicines at up to 90 per cent discounted rates. This was made possible by acquiring medicines directly from manufacturers and wholesale dealers and then selling it on just 2% margin, which is taken to just run the establishment.

Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation (BCCF)

BCCF is a non-profit charitable organization formed by a group of Oncologists, doctors, cancer researchers, social workers and students to help cancer affected children from poor families with a major focus on providing clinical, logistic and financial support for early diagnosis and treatment. Butterfly Children's Free Clinics established in Trivandrum, Kochi and Calicut provides free medical check-ups to poor kids. BCCF also provides diagnosis and treatment support to such kids in collaboration with major super specialty hospitals in each city. Butterfly Educational and Research Fellowship provides educational support for students and the Women Empowerment Program provides self-employment support for lone-mothers from cancer affected families.

Our Vision and Mission

Affordable Care for All

Making critical-care medicines available for all

Medicine Name







Prarthana Cancer
Care Medicines

Rs 1333/-
90% Discount

Rs 3069/-
48% Discount

Rs 9000/-
70% Discount

Rs 300/-
78% Discount

Rs 258/-
63% Discount

Rs 25600/-
39% Discount


Rs 21111/-

Rs 5900/-

Rs 30000/-

Rs 1380/-

Rs 700/-

Rs 42195/-

* Rates May Vary As Per The Changes Made In MRP

Prarthana Cancer
Care Medicines

  • TEMOTERO 250 MG (TEMOZOLOMIDE) Rs 1333/- 93.6% Discount
  • GEFITINAT 250MG (GEFITINIB) Rs 3069/- 48% Discount
  • AHABIR 250MG (ABIRATERONE Rs 9000/- 70% Discount
  • CAPETERO 500MG (CAPECITABINE) Rs 300/- 93.6% Discount
  • THALIX 100 MG ( THALIDOMIDE) Rs 258/- 63% Discount
  • RESIHANCE 40 (REGORAFINAB) Rs 25600/- 39% Discount


  • AHABIR 250MG (ABIRATERONE Rs 30000/-
  • THALIX 100 MG ( THALIDOMIDE) Rs 700/-

* Rates May Vary As Per The Changes Made In MRP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prarthana Critical Care Medicines Is Situated In Bank Junction Edapally, Kochi. There Is No Other Branches In Any other Districts In Kerala.

Yes, We Do Provide Medicines Within India Through Courier Services. Doctor’s Prescription is mandatory for sending medicines. Kindly Note That, We Cannot Send Medicines Which Requires Refrigeration, Through Courier.

You Can Make A Call To Prarthana’s Number And Whatsapp Your Latest Prescription. We will inform you the availability and pricing and based on your confirmation we will book the medicines. Please Note That Ours Is An On-Demand Pharmacy, many of the expensive medicines will be procured Only When You Place The Order)

Prarthana Timings
Mon – Sat: 9:30 Am – 5:30 Pm
We Remain Closed On Sundays And Second Saturday Of Every Month.

Yes, We Provide All Branded Medicines Like Other Pharmacies. Since Its An On-Demand Pharmacy, You Have To Place The Order Atleast Two Days in advance. We Do Provide Discounted Rates For Renal Drugs And Immunosuppressants.

We Supply All The Medicines At Wholesale Rates. We Do Provide Additional Discounts To Patients Who Are Very Poor And Considered Deserving, based on the availability of allotted charity funds. Following Are The Credentials You Must Provide To Avail Additional Discount:

  • Government Issued Id Card Of The Patient (Eg: Aadhar, Voters Id Etc)
  • Doctor’s certificate
  • Income Certificate From Panchayat
  • Ration Card Copy
  • Hand Written Request Letter

*Please Note: After Submitting The Above Credentials, We Will Put Forward The Request For review under managing committe And Let You Know The Decision Within Two Weeks.

Following are our support programmes:

  • Diagnosis And Treatment Support To Paediatric Cancer Patients.
  • Women Empowerment Program: Empower Needy Women From Cancer Affected Families
  • Butterfly Educational And Research Fellowship: Provides Educational Support To Children From Cancer Affected Families

Patients from distant locations can book medicines by uploading prescription on 'Prarthana Whatsapp number : 8281212000'. Upon confirmation of the stock, medicines could be collected from the store by submitting the original prescription.